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My name is Mark, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to this place dedicated to J.S. Bach's amazing Cello Suites. More specifically, about playing them on Bass Guitar.

With Bach2Bass I'm making Bach's Cello Suites more accessible for Bass Guitar players. I love studying this music, and I hope this project will inspire other musicians to travel this path too.

Since early 2018 I've been creating the website, writing code, learning the music, figuring out finger-movements. There is still a lot to work out, both musically as technically, but I plan on adding content all the time.

If you want to reach me, for whatever reason, feel free to contact me here. All comments are highly appreciated!


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Why Study Classical Music on Bass Guitar?

It Will Improve Your Technique

Bach's cello suites are full of arpeggios, scales and chords. All the stuff you need to practice anyway, bundled in beautiful masterpieces. Why practice boring exercises when you can play some of the most amazing music ever written?

You Will Conquer That Fretboard

"The Suites" take you all over your bass' fretboard. The cello's range almost matches that of the bass.

I'm inluding transpositions so that they are playable on a short-scale 4-string bass guitar as well. I even added ADGC tuning for the original key.

It Will Improve Your Melodic And Harmonic Thinking.

Playing this music gets you in a melodic frame of mind. A bass guitar can be a melody instrument on itself, and Bach's Cello Suites are the perfect music for it.

The more you study The Suites, the more melodic your overall bass playing becomes. I'm sure you will find lots of inspiration in this music.


This material is hard, really hard. Seriously, I know.

If you need extra help improving you bass playing skills, I highly recommend these resources:

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